Advanced English Course


C1 Level English allows people to speak fluently and function without help in an academic or work environment in an English-speaking country or with other English speakers.

People at this level can understand the subtle and detailed meaning in conversations and texts as well as being able to express themselves in a detailed manner to native English-speaking people.

In this course you will

  • Understand a wide range of demanding English texts and recognize implicit meanings.
  • Develop the skills to express yourself fluently and spontaneously in English without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Review of TH, G, Y and ED pronunciation.
  • Overview of grammar, for instance, cleft sentences, double comparisons and so one
  • Study subjects such as sport, money, and environment.
  • Expand your vocabulary range.
  • Practice how to use English flexibly and effectively for social purposes.  

Note: Understanding and Using English Grammar and Passages 2 will be using as English textbooks.

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